Design is at the core of the REVIE brand. The aim is to create a product of integrity and this has to be designed. The REVIE design approach brings together the materiality and function of the shoe to create a clean timeless product. The design is not to over-shadow the materiality or craftsmanship but to work in harmony to create a quality designed product. 

As so thoughtfully put by Peter Zumpthor;

'She loves beautiful shoes, she admires the craftsmanship, the material and above all their shapes, their line. She likes looking at shoes, not when people wear them but as objects whose beauty transcends practical demands until they come full circle and say to her: "Use me, wear me." The beauty of a utilitarian object is the highest form of beauty she adds.'
Page 73, Peter Zumpthor, Thinking Architecture.


For our shoes it is important we choose the best possible materials for the function. 
REVIE footwear is constructed from leather. Vegetable tanned leather is utlised for the outsoles this is the best product for the job. The sole moulds to the wearers foot and has an extended life span if cared for correctly. Using vegetable tanned leather for the outsole allows wearers to repair the soles which we recommend doing annually; this entails having rubber half soles adhered to the front of the sole to protect from weather and extend the wear of the primary sole. 
Chromium salt leather is used on the upper of the shoes. There is no better material for the performance required in a shoe than leather and this gives the shoe the longest potential life-span. At REVIE we think of leather as a living material as it develops its performance with wear and comes into its own with age. We work with aniline leathers. Aniline leather is tanned used soluble dyes and leaves the natural textural quality of the hide intact highlighting the natural imperfections of leather.
All our leathers are sourced within the EU. The leathers are a bi-product of meat industry and if not utilised would become land-fill. The European Union has the strictest regulations regarding the tanning process and is consistently refining the regulations further. This is important to make sure the tanning process does not have a negative impact on the environment and maintains a high level of protection of human health. It is prohibited for leathers to contain hexavalent chromium within the EU as well as a number of other hard chemicals. 
It is a balance of using the best materials for the function along with clean non-trend orientated design.


We work closely with our factory in Portugal. Prototypes and samples are created in-house and refined to eventually produce what you see on the shelf.
The factory is family owned and operated and employs staff from the local region. The factory adheres to strict Social Accountability International 8000 standards. Ensuring the highest quality of social compliance, labour laws, and ethical working conditions. We work hard to have a strong relationship with our factory to bring you the best possible product produced fairly with integrity. 
We hope you love it as much as we do.